The company was born from the union of three major visions: entrepreneurship, creativity and Italian traditional cuisine. Together they allowed creating a winning product in a young, dynamic and innovative environment.

THAT’S PIZZA is the best partner for those who want to offer unique and unrepeatable culinary experiences.

Now it will be possible to serve a high quality handmade product without any troubling problems linked to the long preparation of bread and pizza dough (such as hiring expert staff and organizing dedicated workspace, machinery and preparation time).


The Company aim to become an important reference point for all the Ho.Re.Ca operators and restaurant owners, by proposing itself as manufacturer and distributor of handmade pre-cooked and ready to use bread, buns and pizza bases. The ultimate objective is to provide a decisive contribution to the spread of the pizza tradition worldwide.


The main scope for THAT’S PIZZA is to distribute an high quality product that could also ease food service activities from an operational point of view.

The company shares its expertise also providing consulting services to all the entrepreneurs, both in Italy and abroad, that aim to enter the food service industry.

The dream it will be to open mono-brand and tailor made shops all around the world.